Hi, we're IVK a digital design firm specialising high-end, high quality, local web design. We help with portfolios, startups and companies, all sizes.


£4.20 Per Month, GBP.
  • Free Domain Name for One Year
  • Up to 10 Custom Emails
  • Server Storage of 0.5 GB*
  • Xchange Overview**
Purchase Plan


£8.40 Per Month, GBP. Value
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Free Domain Name for One Year
  • Up to 50 Custom Emails
  • Server Storage of 1.0 GB*
  • Xchange Overview**
Purchase Plan


£19.99 Per Month, GBP.
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Free Domain Name for One Year
  • Unlimited Custom Emails
  • Server Storage of 11 GB*
  • Xchange Overview**
  • Monthly Statistic Report***
  • Priority Support
Purchase Plan

Premium design backed by friendly support

We guarantee that you will be happy with the results of your site when we are finished. We create the site for you from a number of options of service, then you pick where you want to host your brand new IVK site!

Starting From Scratch?
Website Building

Per Hour, GBP.

Purchase Plan
  • We Keep Working Until You're Happy
  • Wordpress Compatible
  • Automatic Transfer To Your Domain

Terms & Conditions Apply

If you are not happy with the site, that isn't an issue! We are here to try and please you the best that we possibly can. Still not satisfied? To cover costs, we still need you to pay the invoice, but we will happily take the site back and give you a full refund of your deposit.

A deposit maybe taken at the start of your contract with us as a precautionary step. What will happen at the end of the website building process is the deposit will be taken off your final bill!

Here at Interactive Visions Kernow and Outcast Media Group, (the parent company) expect you to keep up with billing dates. If you take out hosting or just the standard build process the invoice will need to be paid within 14 days from when it is sent out to you. Too many late payments will then result in your website being taken down or retracted until the invoice has been settled.

Server Storage Size*

Your server storage starts out at what is specified. But as an added extra every month, you can get more storage added on. This will be added to your invoice at the end of the month.

IVK Xchange**

The Xchange is a service where you can check on your uptime and ping to your website. This is for the more technical bunch of clients!

Monthly Statistic Report***

Written by the IVK staff themselves, you will receive straight to your email at the end of every month, a PDF file of what your site has done in the past month, tips on what you can improve on and how many people have visited your site!